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Fundraising made easy for schools

Updated: May 11, 2020

I have spent seven years organizing fundraisers for our school and certainly have learned a lot along the way. This is one of the main reasons I set up Nice1 for Schools. To make things a bit easier and a place for fellow fundraisers to share their successes, failures and events with the wider community.

Coordinating a fundraiser can be a big job with hours of work from volunteers supporting the good for the school and all the families. People are busy and getting busier and it is harder to find volunteers to commit time during the day and at night to create a successful event. It is hard dealing with volunteers as generally they are friends or people we know and telling them what to do can be at times difficult.

Families are hurting too with cost of living going up and wages not keeping up with inflation. Imagine a package of household expenses which saves families money at the same time raising funds for the school!

Imagine raising at least $200 per year from each family at your school with minimal work. Nice1 have created a package of services for for schools for FREE and involves minimum time from the school as Nice1 does it all. We have focused on the household expenses such as power/gas, telecommunications, insurances, DIY, automotive, entertainment and more. This is delivered to the families online with an App and secure online login. All marketing material is sent to the school for distribution to the families and you are away!

Contact us to find our more. or click here to send us through a contact form.

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