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Sport in New Zealand - Time for change - Group Buying and Member Benefits

Updated: May 11, 2020

Sport in New Zealand has been dealing with increasing cost, static revenues and more competition of sports and charity money raising. Sport in NZ is very reliant on the Government to support sport however the industry needs to start leveraging what they have and reduce their reliance on Government and charity to keep them afloat.

It is time clubs start operating as businesses and not individual hobbies. The two key questions to be asked are 'How do we reduce costs' and 'How do we raise funds'. Both answers are in front within the clubs environment being the members and other clubs within the sporting body nationally.

Group buying is a simple approach with common costs such as power, insurance, telecommunication, petrol and so much more. One club doesn't have the buying power and it is time committees stop trying to shop their individual requirements and work with a bigger group of clubs to save money. The hurdle to embrace this and save money is the committee, agendas and of course sponsorship. If clubs looked at their club as a business then these barriers would be sorted. If it is cheaper to be a part of group insurance programme than the club member who happens to be a broker, then move. It is business.

Every member or their family spends money for their household. Whether it is power, insurance, food, clothes, etc. they spend money. If they could save money by supporting a preferred supplier AND money went back to the club then everybody wins. That simple.

All of this is possible with Nice1 Sport. We have set up the All of Sport procurement desk for group purchasing of all sporting organizations. We also offer a member benefits programme for the participants and supporters of the sport where money goes back to the club or regional/national organization.

For further information email I amd sure I am not the only one who wants to see clubs around for future generations to participate in sport. In the current environment it won't happen. It is time to change.

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